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Note: Items marked with a padlock () can only be accessed by registered installers.



Do you need help installing, servicing or maintaining a system?


Firstly below you will find links to our Facebook and Twitter web pages. We are using both of these services to offer installation professionals like yourself, a means of posting questions online and getting answers.


Below that you will also find training video's, installation manuals and even interactive PC training courses. And if all of these avenues fail to answer your question you can email us, use the contact page, or call our technical support desk on 0845 643 4952.


We aim to answer most technical questions within 4-hours - longer may be required depending on the complexity of the issue. But please note, the technical support service is intended to identify and correct faulty components - it is not an installation support service. If installation support is something you wish, please drop us a line to discuss our installer training programmes.


For faults, you should initially read the installation instructions fully paying particular attention to any troubleshooting section. If this fails, please check the FAQ section of the relevant manufacturers own site (this is displayed on all installation literature). If this does not answer the questions - please then drop us an email or call. In the first instance, please email a description of the problem as our operators may need to forward the question to the manufacturer. As the question is already on email, this will speed the process up! You will then receive a fault reference number that you should use on all future correspondence or calls. Together, we aim to get whatever the problem is resolved as quickly as possible!




Installation Manuals


Alexor Installer Manual


SCW 9045 Installer Manual


Power 1832 Installation Manual & Programming Worksheets (Book Type)


Power 832 Installation Manual V2.8


Power Programming Worksheets V2.8


Power 832 Installation Manual V2.2


Power Programming Worksheets V2.2


Installing a Solara Wireless Bellbox with a 9045


If the manual you require is not listed above, please call or use the contact page to email. Note: when requesting manuals, we require the model number (e.g. PC5020) and version number (V3.2) that can be found on the components main circuit board.



Interactive PC Training


Power Series Interactive Training Course


T-Link IP Communications Interactive Training Course


Verification Systems Interactive Training Course




Training Manuals & Power Point Presentations


Folder containing a selection of Training Manuals


Folder containing a selection of Power Point Presentations



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