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As your official distributor for Sur-Gard Central Station Receivers, we have equipment to meet all types and sizes of monitoring stations. From small receivers for in-house monitoring (chains of outlets, manned guarding firms monitoring own sites, local government, etc) to the largest National monitoring stations capable of hundreds of thousands of sites - Sur-Gard have a solution. And our software partners can ensure you have the right computer interfaces to meet your every needs.


Some facts that will surprise you about Sur-Gard components:

  • Sur-Gard receivers can connect and respond to incoming alarm signals FASTER than ANY other receiver in the world! Faster connections mean more accounts per line - making each line more profitable to your station!

  • Each PSTN line is capable of receiving Audio Verification and transferring the incoming call to operators handsets. No need to call back sites/the time this takes!

  • With everything moving towards IP transmissions - Sur-Gard receivers are at the forefront of future development. IP receiver modules are optional or featured in every receiver available.

  • Connection to controlling PCs or Servers can be via standard RS232 or IP - or both, so should one path fail the other will automatically and without delay take over (some receivers also feature USB ports). Using IP, the receiver can literally be anywhere!

  • On a like for like basis, Sur-Gard receivers offer MORE FEATURES than competitors equivalent systems at a LOWER PRICE!

Central station receives are a complicated subject, and as such we would recommend that you give us a call or email to discuss your requirements further. However the following is a general overview of the products available. We also have fully operational receivers with software at our office if you would like to see equipment in action. Our demonstration facilities can show you the complete process from an alarm activation being triggered, to the transmission (and this can be via PSTN, GSM, GPRS or IP) and receipt of the signal, right through to the software's automated response.


Just give us a call to book your demonstration now!


Click on the receiver for a specification sheet.


System I and System I IP

Dual Phone Line Multi Format Receiver with optional IP


System II

IP Only Receiver


System III

The Stunning New System III Virtual Receiver - Huge Potential For Expansion


Standard and IP Line Cards

For use with the System III Virtual Receiver



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